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FIRST  Robotics Competition Trading Card Game

This year we have released the Fifth Edition! Below are the low-resolution preview of each edition. To buy your own deck today click here!

FIRST Robotics Competition Trading Card Game, FRC TCG© is a playable card game created and designed by Renaissance Robotics. Every season we release a new edition, which adds on to the gameplay. Continually including teams from around the world, click on the map to find out which teams call their hometown.


We thank you for the hugely positive response that we receive about FRC TCG! We appreciate all the feedback and are excited about the additions and adjustments we made to the gameplay. If you want to learn more about how the game is played, or just lost your copy of the rules click here for the official game manual.


Have a suggestion for a card? Want to see your team would in next year's edition? Submit your ideas here

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